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malta residency | malta citizenship


malta residency | malta citizenship

• Capital: Valletta
• Population: 436,000
• Area: 316 sq km (122 sq miles)
• Major language: Maltese & English
• Major religion: Christianity
• Life expectancy: 80 (men) 84 (women)
• Currency: Euro
• Exchange Rate (as of May 2018): US$ 1.00 = 0.841852 EUR

The small historic island of Malta lies in the heart of the Mediterranean. The country has a very rich history with a great number of historic sites related to its succession of leaders including from the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Moors, Normans, French and British. After 160 years of British rules, the country obtained its independence in 1964. It offers both Malta Citizenship & Malta Residency options.Malta has 3 main immigration solutions on offer as follows:

1.MIIP – Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP): Program started 2014. Passport by investment- based on one time contribution to Malta Government, some investment and ongoing satisfaction of requirements. No minimum stay required.

2.MRVP – Malta Residency & Visa Program (MRVP) – Golden Visa: Program started in 2015. Permanent Residence based on ongoing satisfaction of requirements. No Minimum or Maximum stay requirements.

3.MGRP – Malta Global Residency Program (GRP) : Program started in 2013. Residence in Malta based on an annual tax contribution to Malta Government.182 days physical residency in Malta.


Type of Program Citizenship by Investment (MIIP)
Type of Investments Contribution to a National Development and Social Fund, Investment in Property and Investment in Government Stocks
Minimum Investment EUR 1,150,000 +VAT

Details as under:
EUR 650,000 contribution to Government (Non Refundable)
EUR 150,000 in Malta Government Stocks/ Bonds for 5 years
EUR 350,000 Purchasing of Property  OR Rental of EUR 16,000 p.a. for 5 years

Plus Family non-Refundable Contribution:

Spouse/ Minor children EUR 25,000 each
18-26 dependents & Parents EUR 50,000 each

Dual Nationality Permitted Yes
Personal Visit Required Yes
Minimum Stay Yes, twice. For the submission of biometric data and to take oath at the time of passport delivery. Applicant must hold the PR card for 1 year before passport issuance.
Capital Gains Taxes Malta levies a capital gains tax on various assets mainly immovable property and shares
Personal Income Taxes 15% on foreign income repatriated to Malta
Progressive rates up to 35%
Business & Corporate Taxes 35%
Property Taxes Malta does not levy property taxes
Processing Time 1 Year Total
PR/ Residency Card – 1 month
Approval – 4 months
Oath – 6 months
Passport – 1 year
Passport Validity 10 years
Restricted Countries Nationals of The Islamic Republic of Afghan, The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), or are non-nationals but reside, do business, have significant ties in, or connections to these countries.
Visa Free Travel 173 countries including USA

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