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• Capital: Lisbon
• Population: 10.2 million
• Area: 92,345 sq km (35,655 sq miles)
• Major language: Portuguese
• Major religion: Christianity
• Life expectancy: 78 (men) 85 (women)
• Currency: Euro
• Exchange Rate (as of Nov 2023): US$ 1.00 = 0.87 EUR


The Portugal Golden Visa Program was developed by the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in October 2012, to promote foreign investment and to provide opportunities for Non-EU citizens to live and travel within a secure and stable EU country.

Foreign investors are invited to pursue investment activities in Portugal through the transfer of capital, creating jobs or acquiring real estate, in return for a five year Residence Permit that allows its holders to work, live, study and travel visa free in Schengen countries.

The investor first obtains a Schengen Visa valid for one year under the Portugal Golden Visa Program. After one year, a residence permit is issued and this is then renewed at 3 and 5 years respectively. After 5 years, the investor may then apply for a Permanent Residence Permit. The investor may apply for Citizenship and passport after 6 years of residency in Portugal.

Type of Program Residency by Investment
Type of Investments

1. Funds Investment

2. Company Formation

3. Investment in Research

4. Donation to Arts

Minimum Investment 1. Funds Investment:

Transfer of capital equal or superior to EUR 500,000,intended for the acquisition of shares in specific collective investment organisms.

2. Company Formation:

Transfer of capital equal or superior to EUR 500,000,intended for the incorporation of a commercial company with a registered office in the national territory, combined with creation of 5 permanent jobs.

3. Investment in Research:

Transfer of capital equal or superior to EUR 500,000 applied to research activities by public or private scientific research institutions.

4. Donation to Arts:

Transfer of capital equal or superior to EUR 250,000 applied to investment or support for artistic reproduction, recovery, or maintenance of national cultural heritage.
Dual Nationality Permitted Yes
Personal Visit Required Yes
Minimum Stay A) Single visit for submission of biometrics data.
B) 7 days per year for 5 years.
Capital Gains Taxes 20%
Personal Income Taxes (For Non-residents) 0%
Corporate Tax Rate 25%
Property Taxes

Buying Property:
1. Municipal Transfer Tax (IMT) –  6 to 8%

2. Stamp Tax – when signing a deed, the purchaser must pay the stamp duty at 0.8%.

3. Annual City Hall Tax (IMI) – tax payable by whoever owns the property on 31st December. The rate varies between 0.3% and 0.5% for urban properties and 0.8% for rural properties.

Processing Time 1 Year to Residency
5 Years Residency to apply for Citizenship
Passport Validity 10 Years
Restricted Countries None
Visa Free Travel 27 Schengen Countries on PR Card
187 Countries on Portuguese Passport

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