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• Capital:Dublin
• Population: 4.6 million
• Area: 70,182 sq km (27,097 sq miles)
• Major languages: English & Irish
• Major religion: Christianity
• Life expectancy: 78 years (men), 83 years (women)
• Currency: Euro
• Exchange Rate(as of Oct. 2018):US$ 1.00 = 0.870022 EUR


In 2012 the Irish Government created the Immigrant Investor Program (lIP) to facilitate investors and business professionals from outside of the EU to avail of the opportunities of investing and locating business interests in Ireland, in order to support investment in Ireland and to enhance Ireland’s position as one of the world’s most globalized economies,

The Immigrant Investor Program facilitates non-EEA nationals and their families who commit to an approved investment in Ireland to acquire a secure residency status in Ireland. The ultimate objective of this program is job creation and facilitating further Irish economic development.

The Irish Government invests over 782 million annually in research in Ireland’s higher education institutions. The impact of this funding is that Ireland’s higher education institutions now lead the world in an increasing number of fields.

STUDY in one of the best education systems in the world for higher education achievements & BENEFIT from Ireland’s investment in the education system

CHOOSE from over 5000 internationally recognized qualifications

ACCESS world-class research opportunities in world-leading programs

CONNECT with career opportunities with leading global companies located in Ireland

ACHIEVE your ambitions in Europe’s most entrepreneurial country

JOIN the 35,000 international students from 162 countries enjoying Ireland’s vibrant culture

LIVE in an English speaking country

EXPERIENCE living in one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world

IIP is a RESIDENCY PROGRAM & PR Cards are issued in a maximum of 4 months. However, the Immigrant Investor Program does NOT provide for preferential access to naturalization for successful applicants. As per the provisions of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts 1957-2004, the legislation requires applicants for Irish naturalization to be physically resident in Ireland for the 12 months prior to application, and to be physically resident in Ireland for four of the preceding eight years, i.e. 5 years.

A person can be regarded as physically resident in Ireland and still travel abroad for business or leisure. However, the person’s home must be in Ireland and they should spend the larger part of the year there.

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4 investments options are available to investors in Ireland:

1. Enterprise Investment / Real Estate (minimum of Euro 1 million for 3 years)
2. Investment Fund (minimum of Euro 1 million for 3 years)
3. Endowment / Donation (minimum of Eur 500 thousand philanthropic contribution)
4. Real Estate Investment Trusts - REIT (minimum of Euro 2 million for 3 years)

NOTE: Secondpass Global offers the first 3 options above.

Other Conditions:
  • Investors who are of good character and have not been convicted of criminal offences in any jurisdiction
  • Not been refused an EU Visa
  • Investors with a minimum net worth of Euro 2 million




TIME TO CITIZENSHIP: 5 years of physically living in Ireland with the last year being of continuous residence.


VISA FREE COUNTRIES: 163 Third Strongest Passport in the World


Step1 – Immediately
Client decides on the Investment Option for their Residency and accepts Secondpass Global Quotation. Main Applicant Passport copy is sent to Secondpass Global for initial due diligence check. Once confirmed ok, client signs Retainer Agreement and sends the initial fund to start the process.

Step2 - Month 1
Client completes investor application, notarized supporting documentation and application fee are submitted through Secondpass Global to the local lawyers who submit to Department of Justice after having done source of funds and other anti-money laundering compliance reviews on the applicant. Any additional documents required at this state are provided by client through Secondpass Global.

Step3 - Month 2
The Department of Justice will issue a provisional letter of approval, subject to the investor's commitment to the minimum investment being paid. Accordingly, Secondpass Global provides the necessary investment documents to the client to initiate making the investment in the chosen option.

Step4 - Month 3
Client makes the necessary investment within 1 month of issuance of the approval letter. The Fund Manager/ Real Estate Owner/ Endowment Fund Trustee (depending upon the chosen option of client) confirms that the investment has been received and sends confirmation to the Department of Justice and to Secondpass Global.

Step5- Month 4
Client then visits Ireland in person to complete their Residency Permission process. The Lawyer will meet the Client at Dublin Airport, and will arrange & accompany him/her to a private appointment with the Department of Justice, whereupon the Residence Permit will be issued.


Endowment Project

It is the most straightforward option and once the endowment is made no further financial obligation is required under the Immigrant Investor Programme.

The endowment option will facilitate investors who wish to actively engage in philanthropy and who wish to champion projects that benefit the public at large.

A minimum Endowment of €500,000 in a project of public benefit in the arts, sports, health, cultural or educational field. The Endowment should be regarded as a philanthropic contribution with a clear public benefit. Investors will receive no financial return or recoupment of the principal.
The Endowment must not displace or supplement current or capital expenditure as voted by the Irish parliament known as the Oireachtas 2
Where a group of five or more investors wish to combine their philanthropic endowments to contribute to an appropriate project, a minimum investment of €400,000 per investor will qualify under the Programme.

Applicants who wish to pursue the endowment option should provide details of how the endowment funds are to be utilised by the beneficiary and how their endowment will be of public benefit in Ireland. The business plan template, which is available on the Immigrant Investor Programme web page, can be adapted by the investor or the receiving organisation for this purpose.
We take you from information to reality through;

  • Identification of registered charities that match the INIS eligibility and have received approval for IIP in the recent past
  • Realistic business plans that match the requirements of approving authorities and strategic objectives of these charities
  • Complete transparency to the existing charities and their financials

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