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• Capital: London
• Population: 67.7 million
• Area: 242,514 sq km (93,638 sq miles)
• Major language: English
• Major religion: Christianity
• Life expectancy: 78 (men) 82 (women)
• Currency: GBP
• Exchange Rate (as of Nov. 2023): 1 USD = 0.82 GBP


The United Kingdom has emerged as a prime destination for investors, offering a highly dependable environment for both expansion and investment endeavors. Its standing in the top 5 of the Global Innovation Index can be largely attributed to its exceptionally skilled workforce. In terms of labor costs, the UK proves to be more affordable compared to nations like France, Italy, and Spain. Additionally, the UK’s labor regulations are adaptable, streamlining the recruitment process effectively. The country has implemented various business immigration routes to attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers to contribute to its economy.

Types of Programs 1. Innovator Founder Visa
2. UK Skilled Worker Visa (Self-Sponsorship)
Program Details 1. Innovator Founder Visa

The Innovator Founder Visa is designed for aspiring startup entrepreneurs and seasoned business individuals aiming to establish a business presence within the UK. There’s no strict financial requirement, but a compelling, innovative, and scalable business concept, backed by an approved business plan from an endorsing organization, is essential.

2. UK Skilled Worker Visa (Self-Sponsorship)

If you have an inclination toward establishing a new business or if you currently possess a business in the UK, you might meet the criteria for a Skilled Worker visa through self-sponsorship. This involves being sponsored by your own UK-based enterprise. To proceed, your UK company must secure a Skilled Worker sponsor license, which is a prerequisite for your application for a Skilled Worker visa under self-sponsorship.
Minimum Investment Dependent on Business/Business Plan
Dual Nationality Permitted Yes
Personal Visit Required Yes
Minimum Stay Program Dependent
Capital Gains Tax Varies for Expats, Residents & Non-Residents
Personal Income Tax (Non-residents) 0%
Corporate Tax Varies for Expats, Residents & Non-Residents
Property Tax Varies for Expats, Residents & Non-Residents
Processing Time 4 months Visa
3 years passport
Passport Validity 10 years
Restricted Countries NONE
Visa Free Travel 173 Countries


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